New Release (Sept.)

★Released in early September★
Multimedia Exercises for Basic Japanese Grammar

マルチメディア 日本語基本文法ワークブック

Michio Tsutsui (Supervising Editor/Author)

Yoshimi Sakakibara/Shoko Watarai/Mayumi Oka (Authors)

182 x 128 mm/336 pages
with PowerPoint® slide material(Free downroad)

Price: 2,800 yen (tax not included)

This grammar workbook is completely based on A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar (Seiichi Makino & Michio Tsutsui), a long-running bestseller released in 1986.

A diverse set of rigorously selected exercises is presented for each of some 130 elementary grammar items covered in DBJG, ranging from basic pattern drills to applied dialogues and reading/listening comprehension challenges, with PowerPoint exercise files.


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