Examination Copies

Thank you for your interest in our Japanese learning books.

To request an examination copy, please click the button at the bottom after reading the information below.

Examination copies are currently available for the following titles.

○GENKI Vol. 1 [Second Ed.]  (Textbook & Workbook)
○Intermediate Japanese [Revised Ed.]  (Textbook & Workbook)
○KANJI LOOK AND LEARN  (Textbook & Workbook)

Only one title may be ordered per request form. To order more than one title, please fill out a separate request form for each.
Only one set (textbook & workbook) is provided for each title requested.
Requests for examination copies can be placed by head instructors of Japanese language courses for non-native learners at educational institutions such as universities, high schools, and language academies. Examination copies are not available to teaching assistants/student staff or classes such as tutoring schools, private lessons, and volunteer classes. 

Orders from outside Japan will be filled by the local distributor. Please note that we may not be able to deliver to some countries outside our distributor network.
Orders cannot be sent to home addresses, so please list your educational institution’s address. We do not deliver examination copies to institutions without Japanese language courses at a level equivalent to that of the material requested.
Delivery takes approximately one week in Japan and 6-8 weeks for other countries, so give yourself sufficient lead time when ordering.
Please note that our distributors may contact those who request delivery to addresses outside of Japan. If you decide to use the textbook for your course, please consider purchasing it through our local distributor.

Desk copies
・If you decide to use our textbook and wish to receive a desk copy, consult with the bookstore or distributor. We do not directly send desk copies to customers.

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