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Conversing in Japanese

Basic communication made easy with pattern learning

Conversing in Japanese
Author Setsuko Matsumoto
Yoshiko Sakuma
Emiko Nagatomo
Fusae Nanba
Aki Matsukura
Date Published 2017/11/05
ISBN 978-4-7890-1684-1
Size/Total pages 190 × 148 mm/120 pages
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○Level: Elementary

○Genre: Conversation
○Language: English translations are provided.


This elementary handbook presents simple conversational expressions that enable you to communicate effectively in basic Japanese when someone starts talking to you or when you want to talk to other people.

Illustrations and audio recordings help you to learn basic patterns and examples of usage almost effortlessly. All phrases are accompanied by romanization and English translations.

Free downloading MP3 audio files.

Chapter 1:Replying
 Unit 1: So desu ne
 Unit 2: Okagesamade
 Unit 3: Nan desho
 Unit 4: Tondemonai (1)
 Unit 5: Daijobu desu
 Unit 6: Rana to moshimasu
 Unit 7: Tondemonai (2)
 Unit 8: Furoshiki wa arimasu ka
 Unit 9: Atama ga itai n desu
 Unit 10: Shosho omachi kudasai

Chapter 2:Addressing Someone
 Unit 1: Ima ii desu ka
 Unit 2: Ashita, aite imasu ka
 Unit 3: Issho ni ikaga desu ka
 Unit 4: Hai, JT wakusu desu
 Unit 5: Yo-ji kara desu yo ne
 Unit 6: Yukyu o toritai n desu ga
 Unit 7: Sodan shitemo ii desu ka
 Unit 8: Sumimasen deshita
 Unit 9: Do shita n desu ka
 Unit 10: Kore, omiyage desu

Chapter 3:Formal and Casual

Chapter 4:Conversations in Town
 Scene 1: At a Convenience Store
 Scene 2: At a Supermarket
 Scene 3: At a Coffee Shop
 Scene 4: At a Fast Food restaurant
 Scene 5: At a Car Rental Shop
 Scene 6: At a Gas Station
 Scene 7: At a Dry Cleaners
 Scene 8: At a Post Office
 Scene 9: At a Restaurant
 Scene 10: At a Museum
 Scene 11: At a Station
 Scene 12: In a Taxi


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