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GENKI Vocab Cards (app)

1200 Essential Japanese Words

GENKI Vocab Cards (app)
Agent The Japan Times, Ltd.
Release 2014/1/4
OS supported iOS 8.1 or later (compatible with iPhone / iPad / iPod touch)
Android 4.0 or later
Price 720 yen

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Learn elementary Japanese words at your own pace:

GENKI Vocab Cards is a digital vocabulary card app that enables users to learn approximately 1,200 words learned in GENKI, a best-selling series of Japanese learning materials, at their own pace!

◆Users can view the cards and listen to the recordings as they like, enabling them to study at their own pace.

◆By repeating a process of memorization and self-checking, learners can firmly master important beginning-level vocabulary.

◆Words already memorized are progressively removed from the card deck, so users can concentrate on just the words that challenge them, making for a more efficient approach to learning.

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〇Developed by the GENKI App Team, Guild Inc.


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