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Japan Up Close

15 lessons on society and culture in Japanese

Japan Up Close
Author Mizue Sasaki
Date Published 2017/03/20
ISBN 978-4-7890-1653-7
Size/Total pages 257 × 182 mm/208 pages
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○Level: Upper intermediate
○Genre: Japanese society & culture
○Language: English translations are provided for the reading materials.

Intermediate/advanced handbook for learning about Japan from many angles


This book helps users to enjoyably deepen and broaden their understanding of Japan by presenting readings that explore Japan from diverse angles—past vs. present, urban vs. rural, domestic vs. foreign, and more—followed by various tasks for strengthening comprehension.

Worksheets for checking understanding of every unit’s content and lists of the key words and English translations of the readings in each unit are provided at the end of the book.

●Motivation to learn is boosted by a diverse array of fascinating topics,   ranging from basics such as geography, history, politics,   and economy to new things like pop culture and robots.
●Users can study written Japanese through the reading comprehension texts that explain the themes in detail, and spoken Japanese through the dialogues presented for each theme.
  English translations are provided for the readings.
●Each unit can be studied as a stand-alone lesson, so those with limited time can just pick the parts they need to study/teach.

Unit structure
●Thematic photo: Each unit opens with a color photo that expresses the unit’s theme.
●Section 1: Readings & Tasks
●Section 2: Dialogues & Tasks
●Photo information: Information on the cultural background to the unit’s thematic photo is provided.


Unit 1: What kind of country is Japan?

Unit 2: City life, country life
Unit 3: Getting around Japan
Unit 4: Let’s eat!
Unit 5: Events for enjoying the seasons
Unit 6: Highlights of Japanese history you should know
Unit 7: Experiencing traditional culture
Unit 8: Modern culture and pop culture
Unit 9: Enjoying sports
Unit 10: The march of science and technology
Unit 11: Things we can do to save the earth
Unit 12: Education and children
Unit 13: Industrial structure and economy
Unit 14: Government and the constitution
Unit 15: Aiming for a multicultural society


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