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Author Mika Aoyama
Date Published 2016/09/30
ISBN 978-4-7890-1652-0
Size/Total pages 173 × 108 mm/160 pages
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Other Details Wgt: 150 g

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○Level: Intermediate
○Genre: Kanji & Kana / Vocabulary
○Language: English translations are provided for the instructions.

A kanji study resource that challenges you to solve fun puzzles and quizzes


This book presents 88 puzzles and quizzes that test your understanding of some 
750 kanji and 300 vocabulary terms taken from mainly JLPT Levels N2/N3.
Its new compact size fits in your pocket, making it a handy item for passing the time when commuting or traveling.

All sorts of approaches are used to test your kanji expertise, including puzzles that require you to identify radicals shared by different characters or fill in the blanks of kanji compounds, and quizzes that check your familiarity with Japanese geography, culture, and daily living.
Take on these tough but fun challenges and explore the fascinating world of kanji!


Chapter 1: 地理や交通に関する漢字 Kanji concerning Japanese geography and transportation

Chapter 2: 文化や行事に関する漢字 Kanji concerning Japanese culture and events
Chapter 3: 暮らしや気持ちに関する漢字 Kanji concerning Japanese life and emotions
Chapter 4: 安全や健康に関する漢字 Kanji concerning safety and health


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