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Enrich Your Japanese Vocabulary through Newspaper & TV News

Author Setsuko Matsumoto
Emiko Nagatomo
Yoshiko Sakuma
Yuko Hamahata
Chieko Iwami
Makiko Morita
Date Published 2015/03/10
ISBN 978-4-7890-1596-7
Size/Total pages 257 × 182 mm/160 pages
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○Level: Intermediate
○Genre: Kanji & kana / Vocabulary
○ Language: English translations are provided for key words.

Intermediate/advanced study resource for increasing comprehension of words that appear in the news


This book provides a shortcut to boosting your understanding of “news NIHONGO” by introducing you to words and expression patterns used in newspaper and television news.
The words and expressions are studied by reading numerous example sentences that present typical methods of expression.

The news stories cover a wide range of themes that are frequent topics of discussion in business and everyday life, and are sorted into several subject areas. The stories do not have to be studied in a specific order, so you can start with the ones that interest you. This book lends itself well to both classroom learning and self-study.

Also included are five Nihon Keizai Shimbun articles and five NHK news scripts, provided as real-life material for study.


I. ウォーミングアップ
Warming Up)
II. 分野別重要語彙(Key Words for Different Subject Areas)
 1. 経済:経営・企業、ビジネス、株式・証券、為替・金融(Economy: Management & Companies / Business, Stocks & Securities / Foreign Exchange & Finance)
 2. 政治(Politics)
 3. 社会:事件・事故、気象・災害、季節の話題(Society: Incidents & Accidents / Weather & Disasters / Seasonal Topics)
 4. 科学:科学・技術・医療、環境・自然・宇宙 (Science: Science, Technology & Medicine / Environment, Nature & the Universe)
III. よく出る重要表現20(20 Common Key Expressions)
IV. 復習ドリル(Drills for Review)


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