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GENKI: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese II [Second Edition]

初級日本語 げんき II 【第2版】

Author Eri Banno
Yoko Ikeda
Yutaka Ohno
Chikako Shinagawa
Kyoko Tokashiki
Date Published 2011/09/30
ISBN 978-4-7890-1443-4
Size/Total pages 257 × 182 mm/386 pages
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Other Details 1 CD-ROM (audio material in MP3, 5 hr. 59 min.)
Wgt: 864 g

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○Level: Elementary
○Genre: Comprehensive
○Language: English is used for grammar explanations, word meanings and instructions.
○Japanese is written in kanji and kana. Romaji is added in Lessons 1 and 2.

GENKI is an integrated textbook series widely adopted by many elementary Japanese courses at colleges and high schools in Japan, U.S., and other countries. It completes the elementary level study of the Japanese grammar as well as some 300 kanji and 1,100 vocabulary in the 23 lessons of GENKI I and II.

Filled with words and expressions that learners can easily relate to, this resource also provides a wealth of communicative exercises. Its learner-centered approach makes for fun and effective study—one big reason why GENKI is used in Japanese language courses around the world.
- Understandable grammar explanations written in English enable students to study by their own.
- As the GENKI series have textbooks, workbooks, picture cards, teachers' manual, the Genki-Online website, and applications for iPhone & Android, teachers can offer comprehensive instruction easily.

Overview of the GENKI series (I & II)

Sentence patterns: Almost all the basic sentence pattern for beginners
Kanji: 317 characters
Vocabulary: Approx. 1,100 basic words used in everyday life
Time requirement: Approx. 200 hours

Materials in the GENKI series

GENKI I (Lessons 1-12)Textbook / Workbook / Picture Cards
GENKI II (Lessons 13-23)Textbook / Workbook / Picture Cards
Teacher's Manual
Answer Key
Apps: Genki Vocab Cards / Genki Kanji Cards / Genki Conjugation Cards
Website: Genki-Online (http://genki.japantimes.co.jp/)
*Please visit Genki-Online to see the details of the GENKI series.

Contents: GENKI II

Conversation and Grammar
Lesson 13 アルバイト探し (Looking for a Part-time Job)
Lesson 14 バレンタインデー (Valentine's Day )
Lesson 15 長野旅行 (A Trip to Nagano)
Lesson 16 忘れ物 (Lost and Found)
Lesson 17 ぐちとうわさ話 (Grumble and Gossip)
Lesson 18 ジョンさんのアルバイト (John's Part-time Job)
Lesson 19 出迎え (Meeting the Boss)
Lesson 20 メアリーさんの買い物 (Mary's Shopping)
Lesson 21 どろぼう (Burglar)
Lesson 22 日本の教育 (Education in Japan)
Lesson 23 別れ (Good-bye)

Reading and Writing
Lesson 13 日本のおもしろい経験 (Interesting Experiences in Japan)
Lesson 14 悩みの相談 (Personal Advice Column)
Lesson 15 私が好きな所 (My Favorite Place)
Lesson 16 まんが「ドラえもん (The Manga Doraemon )
Lesson 17 オノ・ヨーコ (Yoko Ono)
Lesson 18 大学生活 (College Life)
Lesson 19 手紙とメール (Letters and E-mails)
Lesson 20 猫の皿 (A Cat’s Plate)
Lesson 21 厄年 (Unlucky Ages)
Lesson 22 友美さんの日記 (Tomoni’s Diary)
Lesson 23 これはどんな顔? (What Does This Face Mean?)


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