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512 Kanji with Illustrations and Mnemonic Hints

Author Eri Banno
Yoko Ikeda
Chikako Shinagawa
Kaori Tajima
Kyoko Tokashiki
Date Published 2009/04/24
ISBN 978-4-7890-1349-9
Size/Total pages 257 × 182 mm/272 pages
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Other Details Wgt: 544 g

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〇Level: Elementary
〇Genre: Kanji and kana
〇Language: English is used for kanji stories, meanings of kanji and word meanings.
〇Consists of 32 Lessons, 16 kanji learned in each lesson.

A Comparison Table: Genki Kanji and KLL Kanji
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This kanji textbook uses illustrations and mnemonic hints to make it easy for learners to memorize the shapes and meanings of 512 basic kanji JLPT levels N5–N3.
Also included are some 3,500 words incorporating the kanji studied.

  • The illustrations and mnemonic hints in English enable even learners new to kanji to readily master the shapes and meanings of the characters presented.
  • Users can quickly look up the basic information for each kanji (meaning, reading, and stroke count/order), plus approx. 3,500 essential beginning/intermediate words written with the kanji, and the meanings of those words.
  • Key elementary-level words are specially marked to facilitate self-study.
  • This book can also function as a kanji dictionary, as the various indexes provided at the end allow users to immediately find the characters and words they need.
  • The companion workbook (sold separately) helps users to learn kanji and words in the context of sentences and longer text.

Note: This book contains all 317 kanji studied in the GENKI series. (The order of presentation and the words introduced may differ.)


Kanji Basics / Kanji Parts

Part 1: Lessons 1-10(160 characters in N5 Level)
Part 2: Lessons 11-20(160 characters in N4 Level)
Part 3: Lessons 21-32(192 characters in N3 Level)

Appendices: Stroke Count Index / On-kun Reading Index / Kanji Shape Index / Vocabulary Index


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