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An Integrated Approach to INTERMEDIATE JAPANESE [Revised Edition]


Author Akira Miura
Naomi Hanaoka McGloin
Date Published 2008/07/02
ISBN 978-4-7890-1307-9
Size/Total pages 257 × 182 mm/352 pages
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Other Details 2 CDs (audio material, [1] 1 hr. 5 min. [2] 1 hr. 14 min.)
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○Level: Intermediate
○Genre: Comprehensive
○Language: English is used for grammar explanations and word meanings.

Designed for learners who have completed beginning-level studies, this book helps users to build their proficiency in intermediate Japanese across all four skill areas—listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
Each of the fifteen lessons builds language skills through mainly dialogues and readings, plus vocabulary, a kanji list, and grammar notes, and offers diverse forms of practice, comprising applied exercises, listening exercises, conversation practice pointers, and speed reading drills. This comprehensive resource aids learners seeking to progress to the advanced level by equipping them with a firm command of intermediate Japanese across the four skill areas. 

Materials in the series 

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Overview of the textbook 

No. of kanji studied: 700–800 (writable + readable)
No. of grammar items studied: 154
Estimated classroom time: 240 hours (16 hours/lesson x 15 lessons)
Comes with two CDs containing audio material.


Lesson 1 紹介
Lesson 2 あいさつ言葉
Lesson 3 日本への留学
Lesson 4 ホームステイ
Lesson 5 大学で
Lesson 6 レストランで
Lesson 7 レクリエーション
Lesson 8 アルバイト探し
Lesson 9 贈り物
Lesson 10 旅行
Lesson 11 ホストファミリーとの問題
Lesson 12 病気になったら
Lesson 13 日本語体験
Lesson 14 日本の女性
Lesson 15 ウチから見た日本、ソトから見た日本
巻末: 文法索引/漢字索引/単語索引


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