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Title 3.11 A chronicle of events following the Great East Japan Earthquake

Author The Japan Times

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ISBN 978-4-7890-1452-6

Published 2011-05-31

Bearing Witness to Cataclysm
Japan Convulses, Grieves, Moves On
A Weekly Account of the Aftermath
 Week 1 March 11-17
 Week 2 March 18-24
 Week 3 March 25-31
 Week 4 April 1-7
 Week 5 April 8-14

earthquake & tsunami
 Officials blasted for failing to learn  lessons of history
 Evacuation sites poorly chosen
 Military wins hearts, minds
 Reaching out to traumatized victims
nuclear crisis
 Plan to cool reactors revised
 Nuclear policy at crossroads
 Chance to rethink energy options
 Nuclear crisis man-made, not ‘an act of god’: experts
 Signs were there
 Long-term power loss not foreseen in nuclear guidelines
 Evacuee mayor’s community torn

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