Downloads(Japanese Learning Books)


The digital files for Japanese learning books (MP3 audio files, etc.) are provided through the online download store DLmarket. A fee may be charged for certain items.

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Accessing DLmarket

To access the DLmarket download page for the item you need, go to the book's profile page on our website and click the "Download" button under the cover image.


・You will need to register for DLmarket’s downloading service in order to use it.
・Downloads are compressed into zip files. After downloading them to your computer, unzip them with your system’s decompression utility. (Downloading to smartphones is not recommended, due to technical issues.)

Download procedure

Follow the links below for details.
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★Books with digital content available through DLmarket★

Conversing in Japanese にほんごではなそう! (Audio/free)
Mutimedia Exercises for Basic Japanese Grammar
  (PowerPoint® Slide Materials/free)


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